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Liven Up Content With Visuals

Whether your business is marketing directly to consumers or to other businesses, the demand for original and timely content is becoming a pressing concern. The rise of social media and the web has contributed to this trend, but it is not limited to the online world.

Print media is also about generating and providing new and unique content for the purposes of both customer acquisition and retention. However, when businesses and marketing professionals think "content," they likely think of text and the written word, when in reality, there is a similar demand for design, photography and visually compelling material.

"Today every business needs to realize that they are 'publishers' rather than just being 'marketers,'" writes Willis Wee for the blog Penn Olson. "All of us are in the content business now and visual contents are much more appreciated compared to static text-based content."

Consider infographics. Studies have shown that consumers tend to be more attracted to unique visuals, and infographics combine the captivating power of design with a source of useful or even just noteworthy information.

In developing a print or digital marketing campaign, try to pepper the material with some engaging infographics to brighten your content.

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