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‘Less is more’ is a copywriting mantra

It has often been suggested that graphic design is one of the most overlooked aspects of effective marketing – whether it's print or online. But another feature of a powerful marketing campaign may be just as disregarded: copywriting.

Sometimes marketers overestimate the attention span of a marketing campaign's prospective audience. As a result, they will incorporate an abundance of description and information that really only serves to bore readers.

Good copy is clear and succinct and reflects the notion that "less is more." Consumers are much more likely to be intrigued by ambiguity and conciseness of messages than by an encyclopedic rant.

"There are more benefits to keeping your marketing copy short and sweet than saving ad space," writes Susan Gunelius for Entrepreneur magazine. "Clear and concise messages stand a better chance of being read or heard in their entirety vs. long-winded messages weighed down with filler words and extraneous information consumers don't care about."

Gunelius also recommends marketers practice cutting the length of their finished copy by 30 percent, leaving out extraneous words and details and effectively clarifying the message. Writers of all kinds will be surprised how much their craft improves by simply lessening it.

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