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Know Your Customers – Website Tips to Help Your Customer’s Feel Welcome

It might be a little surprising that many websites still miss the mark on some basic elements that would help their customers feel more welcome. Great content and design is important, of course, but customer needs and wants should drive your front-facing website decisions. Here are some tips to help you focus your website efforts in an effective manner.   

Have you listened to your customers?

One customer complaint should not be the impetus for a website redesign – unless of course your entire business revolves around that customer. But when you start hearing the same issues from multiple customers then those issues should be addressed.

Tools for gathering customer feedback

  • Kampyle: is a virtual suggestion box which allows you to collect feedback from your visitors, including suggestions and bug reports, using an on-site feedback form. Analyze results using dashboards and reports, and even respond to visitor inquiries.
  • Flash Feedback  allows customers and prospects to provide website feedback 24/7
  • UserVoice empowers your customers to submit, discuss, and vote on feedback for your product or organization.
  • 4Q Survey: This free pop-up survey solution helps you figure out why visitors are on your website and whether they are able to do what they need to do.

404 Redirect Pages

404 pages are still a fact on the Internet. But these pages should never be a throwaway. To begin, you should absolutely personalize and brand your 404s,  just as you would any other website or landing page.

Here are some 404 page tips:

  • Enter your company’s URL, followed by a slash and some gibberish: for instance,
  • Make sure your 404 page message and design fit your branding.
  • Help visitors find their way to the content they wanted to find.
  • Lighthearted humor is fine but make sure the customer knows you are laughing with them, not at them.

4 Winning Web Design Tips From Ryan Carson of Carsonified

  1. Invest in good design – something many companies are missing
  2. Build a profile in the community, not just online.
  3. Cater to your audience “People just need to remember that nobody cares about their website or their company, and you have to make people care by being efficient and easy to understand, efficient and clear with your message.”
  4. Use responsive design. This is a movement that involves building a website that will adapt to the size of a window and manage to look good on whatever device a person is viewing it on.

Sometimes to truly make your customers feel welcome on a site you might have to start over. If you’re company has grown and changed your website may no longer truly represent your brand. And no matter which aspects you want to make more user-friendly, don’t forget to optimize for speed. Anytime a page takes more than a few seconds to load, many users will just give up and go elsewhere.

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