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Know Your Customers – Don’t Sell, Learn to Help Your Customers Buy

The current ongoing economic challenges have altered buying behavior. Many people are minimalizing, and downsizing – in short, they’re not buying as much. Smart businesses respond to this change as a challenge. Here are some ideas to help you get away from trying to “sell,” and into the mode of helping your customers buy.

People still have the same issues

If you’re in the business of producing a product or service that helps people solve an issue or make their lives better or more fun, keep in mind they still have some of the same issues they had before the economic crunch. Now, however, you probably need a new approach in marketing your business. This can include:

  • Make a difference, not a sale
    provide value-based education that puts the need of the customer first
  • Position your company as trusted adviser
    be transparent, honest, and give your customers information to make well-informed decisions (even if their immediate solution is not your product or service)
  • Give away valuable information
    information is everywhere so invest in creating and delivering information that potential resources cannot get anywhere else
  • Be focused
    one of your goals needs to be cultivating a trusted leadership reputation within a specific niche

Find your loyal brand users

Directing your efforts toward those customers that love you gives you good bang for your buck. So, how can you tell who those brand fanatics are?

  • They open more than 80% of your emails
  • They often take an action related to your emails  – click, read, or buy
  • They share you information by forwarding/sharing your emails
  • They have connected with you on your social media sites
  • They recommend you to their friends on social media sites

A few quick know your customer tips

  • Have a complete understanding of customer likes and dislikes about your products or services and if you don’t know, ask them via a survey such as direct mail, phone or email (reward participation in surveys).  
  • Set up a system for your employees (or you) to keep ongoing written records of customer compliments and complaints and review these regularly.
  • Use the information you get from your customers and make the adjustments and improvements that will keep your customers coming back.
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