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Karen’s Tips & Bits #2

Last Minute Halloween Marketing & Goulishness

Even if you don’t believe in the concept of having kids go door to door so they can get all cranked up on sugar, Halloween marks the true seasonal beginning of the holiday spending season for businesses.

1. Costume Fun

Even if you’ve neglected doing any sort of marketing for Halloween, you can pull out some last minute fun to make your customers smile. Answer the phone with a “Boo.” Or, have any staff that interacts with customers dress up. You can still get costumes – here is a costume discount link.

2. Fun with Food and Drink

For restaurants and bars, this year, forget serving up buffalo wings, call them bat wings. And what’s a Halloween drink without floating eyeballs?

Go here for the recipe for this Eyeball Marini, made with radishes and olives.

3. 53 Advertising Ideas for Halloween

Scroll through this list and you’ll find some awesome ideas you can still use for this year, or get a heads up on next year!

4. Add some Goul to Your Site, Blog, or Social Media

Spruce up your sites with a little Halloween goodie, or color, or image. Below are some examples created by Logo My Way

5. Market and Party All at Once – the Best Idea!

Here’s my top pick Halloween marketing for this year – dress up like your facebook profile page! This way you can party and spread the word about your site, all at once.

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