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Karen’s Tips & Bits #1

Welcome to Karen’s Tips and Bits, your weekly resource for quick, effective, and often free, marketing tips and resources.


Just because you’re budget doesn’t allow you to do extensive population research to help you with your marketing doesn’t mean you can’t get some information. MapsStats is an easy way to get a demographic profile of your state. Just use the drop down menu to put in your state and then click go.

Survey Monkey

You can create a free basic account with Survey Monkey and easily set up your own surveys to give your customers, online connections, or whatever else you need it for. Just go here to create an account.

From there you can se up a survey in minutes, including the color theme. You’ll see a quick sample below (I only did 1 question) but it took me less than 30 seconds.

Your Social Media Policy

If you/your company is venturing into social media, or already deeply into it with no real social media policy, you can develop one with reasonable easily by utilizing an already existing policy as an example. Go here to download “Analysis of Social Media Policies: Lessons and Best Practices to get started ( by Social Media Governance).

And if you feel the need for a range of examples, here is a database with 154 policies for you to go through. Also, in case you want even more to help you out – here’s a “fully searchable database of more than 160 social media research reports – some free, some paid.”

Look for next week’s Tips and Bits for more fun-filled marketing action. Happy marketing!

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