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Integrating offline media with online media

It is not difficult to see how ubiquitous online media has become in recent years. And with the emergence and growing potential of channels such as social media and mobile advertising, internet marketing is only expected to blossom.

But the flashy and game-changing nature of online media should not overshadow offline media. Services such as Facebook and Google search should be viewed as venues into which marketers can integrate their print, radio or TV campaigns.

"If you have catchy commercials, interesting marketing literature or even intriguing ads in radio or print, get them online in some fashion," writes Liana Evans for "People who like your brand or have found it useful or valuable will want to share it with their own network of friends and family members."

Print ads may be the first point of exposure for many consumers, so don't forget to include a way for prospects to reach your company via Facebook or Twitter.

The growing popularity of quick-response codes may also allow users to scan a print flyer, brochure or direct mail postcard and be directed to your company's website or Facebook page.

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