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Integrating Email and Social Media

Recently updated on November 7th, 2017 at 12:47 am

2010: The Year of the Tiger or the Year of the TweeMail? According to a recent Marketing Trends Survey, emails and social media are “the two top areas of marketing investment in 2010.”1 More than 1000 businesses worldwide claim a “positive economic outlook”2 and half said they are expecting their customers to spend more this year. 89% of the companies are either raising or maintaining their 2010 marketing budgets:1

  • 69% plan to increase spending on email marketing.
  • 59% plan to increase spending on social media.
  • 42% plan to increase spending on PPC/SEO search marketing.

To incorporate more effective email and social media campaigns into your 2010 marketing, here are some tactics you can use to integrate the two.

  • Use your blog to highlight e-newsletter content and invite readers to download content from a landing page.3
  • Conduct a poll on your social media sites and put the results in an e-newletter.3
  • Use social media channels to “offer email subscribers customized options” such as a combination of a Twitter feed and monthly e-newsletter rather than just an e-newsletter3
  • Share your email content on your social media channels.
  • Don’t restrict your email messages to email recipients – make it easy for customers to forward their emails to friends with a link (vary link location and look for freshness), use a “Tweet it” button.
  • Recruit email followers via your social media channels – offer the potential customer something of value such as a discount or access to information first.4
  • Create an interactive social media application that engages consumers with your brand and gives them a reason to opt in to your emails.
  • Devote part of your e-newsletter to social media hot topics you’ve created.
  • Use the search functions (your company, product names, and related terms) on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to enhance the knowledge of your market and company and utilize this knowledge for the content in your emails.5

The 2010 Year of the Tiger is influenced by the metal element, which gives the Tiger its “sharpness in action and speed of thought.”6 So, go ahead and get started on integrating your email and social media marketing, to show your sharpness in action and speed of thought. Happy 2010!


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