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Integrated Marketing Is The Best Way To Communicate With Consumers

While each channel of marketing has its pros and cons, and integrated marketing campaign can combine all the positives from each channel and off set the negatives. With the average consumer communicating and multi tasking through various mediums and devices, marketers must also learn to engage consumers through different channels.

Mediatel recently reported combining direct marketing with social media and digital advertising can take marketing initiatives to a new level by reaching consumers in more than one way. No matter what style of marketing a consumer responds best to, an integrated approach will identify and capitalize on that method of communication. The news source reported that discovering consumers' chosen channel preferences should be a marketer's top priority, and should be the initial focus of any campaign.

Once the channel has been identified, proper tracking and measuring of consumer data will ensure the consumer receives effective marketing communications. Direct Marketing News reported that most consumer data relies on human input and thus is susceptible to inaccuracies. Consumers may make typos, enter incorrect data for privacy reasons for forms being filled out improperly can cause errors in data that lead to ineffective marketing campaigns.

The solution is to integrate all data into one database or data warehouse and then personalize the marketing materials and messages to suit the identified needs or preferences of the segmented consumers. This will work towards correcting errors, false information and redundancies that clog consumer databases and hold back the potential of many marketing efforts.  

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