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Integrated Marketing and Consumer Preference

Whether a business seeks to develop its own marketing strategies or outsource them, it needs to understand a few basic concepts, the most pressing of which is that of cross-channel or integrated marketing.

The extra cost of an integrated campaign is well worth the added brand exposure that results. In addition to search, mobile and social media marketing, companies should adopt radio, TV and print initiatives whenever possible.

"Agencies that promote integration over specialism just to ease their clients' lives are forgetting about the most important part of their job – helping businesses achieve their objectives," writes Pilar Barrio for Newsline. "Those objectives tend to revolve around consumers."

"Consumers must be the starting point, and their behavior, motivations and actions will determine the case for integration," she adds.

However, integrated campaigns should vary from channel to channel. In other words, you want to make sure that your direct mail message is not duplicated in your emails. This only wastes time and fails to take advantage of the perks of each medium.

Even as cross-channel marketing involves traditional methods, the increasing role of digital or web-based media has forced an overall shift in power toward the consumer – an important point to consider in any campaign.

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