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Integrated creativity in marketing campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns should spread exposure across a wide range of media. By embracing several different channels, you are embracing the different micro-cultures that exist within them, thereby maximizing brand awareness.

However, a creative concept for one medium might not necessarily work for a different medium. Certain formats such as YouTube are good for launching video and can be an appropriate place to detail your company's bio. Brochures and websites are also beneficial for these longer, more detailed bits of data but within a textual medium.

But other formats such as billboards, posters, flyers and web advertisements are smaller and involve a shorter attention span among audiences. This does not mean they will be less effective in generating leads. It merely means there must be more a creative approach to brainstorming the message, design, layout and format.

"Everyone assumes 'integrated marketing' means a campaign that uses the same creative concept across multiple media channels," writes Spyro Kourtis, president and CEO of Hacker Group, for Direct Marketing News. "(But) creative concepts may not translate well from medium to medium. What is far more important is to showcase your offer in the most effective way possible in any particular medium."

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