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In Writing Copy, Keep It Informal

While a report released this week by MagnaGlobal found direct media advertising revenue is expected to increase by 0.8 percent this year, compared to 0.7 percent in 2010, businesses will need to improve some of the subtle aspects of marketing if they want to stay in step with the growing demand.

One of the most subtle, yet critical, aspects of direct media – particularly direct mail – is copywriting. While every business owner and marketer know how to write, not all of them know how to write ad copy. It's a tricky task that requires psychological consideration and, moreover, creativity.

For example, in almost all circumstances, marketers will want to write in an informal tone that is essentially the same as how one would speak in conversation.

"If you were ever reprimanded for using contractions, e.g. it's, isn't, that's, we're, you're, wasn't, now's, they've, we've, etc, etc, forget it," writes the website Marketscan. "The fact is that all of the above constructions make for more readable, warmer and naturally flowing prose. Write as if you were chatting to someone over a drink at the bar. Keep your writing simple and straightforward."

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