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Improve your catalog sales and database efficiency

JoS A. Bank Clothiers reported a 19.5 percent increase in catalog response and 16.7 percent growth in catalog sales at the DMA Summit through the use of segmenting offers via its customer database.

The company sent its data to Experian Marketing Services who combined it with its own database to identify potential "multi-buyers" within the data. Experian developed six customer profiles to segment the database into for easier access to information and more sophisticated and measurable marketing efforts.

Similarly, Catalog Choice, mail efficiency and privacy control company, has partnered with Strikelron, who provides cloud-based data solutions, to improve the quality and accuracy of Catalog Choice's 2.3 million mailing addresses. Strikelron Address Verification Cloud cleanses existing data and verifies all new entries into the databases.

Chuck Teller, Executive Director at Catalog Choice said that the system has reduced return mail to customers, and increased successful first-time deliveries.

"Clean and accurate suppression lists are an industry best practice," said Teller, "ensuring that direct mail only reaches its intended recipient." 

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