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How to market in season with both traditional and digital media

If you want to take advantage of certain seasons when marketing a product or service, direct mail can target new customers and increase sales according, to Contracting Business.

One way the news source recommends seasonally advertising is through a mailing list rented from a marketing firm. Companies can target specific demographics by explaining their target audience to the firm and providing it with the marketing materials to be sent out. If there is a positive response to the campaign, then you can work to build a relationship with the consumer through promotions and discounts. It is important, however, to make the message in the marketing material what is most important to the customer. Try to explain what the product or service can offer them specifically, and understand their basic interests based on their demographic.

Sending a promotional item along with the marketing material is a good way to keep the brand and message infront of the consumer, without continually sending them advertisements, reported the news source. For example, pick a season when the product or service is in high demand and send out marketing materials accompanied by a magnet. The magnet serves a purpose, remains on the refrigerator all year long- and thus provides helpful brand exposure- and keeps product or company information accessible to the consumer.

It is also important to combine the best of both worlds between digital and traditional marketing. In an interview with Biz Community, strategist at Native advertising agency Lara Bryant said the difference between the two strategies is that traditional marketing starts with the creation of a message and then the purchasing of the outlets through which to broadcast that message. Digital marketing, however, first focuses on engaging and interacting with the consumer, then plugging the product or service advertisement once their attention is grabbed.

"We believe the best campaigns are those that are fully integrated and have a strong digital component at their core," Bryant said.

According to Bryant, companies must first engage clients, then present marketing materials to lure them into purchasing.  

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