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How to Choose the Most Effective Signage

There may be a lot of choices to market your stores and events,but most of the time, it’s good old-fashioned printed signage that gets the job done. From banners to posters, yard signs to canvas prints, printed signage is the best at grabbing people’s attention.

In fact, 50% of potential customers learn of a particular store due to an on-premise sign, according to a study by the International Sign Association.

So which signage should you use for your business? Here are some ways you can use effective signage for your marketing campaign.

1. Build attractive storefronts with banners.

Creating an attractive storefront is essential if you want people to know about your business. The key to creating this effective signage is size. If your banner is too large or too small, it would be unreadable, defeating its purpose. Try to see how people walk or drive around your area to determine the distance they could read your banner.

Mesh banner for an auto accessories shop.

Another thing you should consider is the material. Vinyl banners are great to use all around and you can clean them hassle free. If you are in a location with strong winds, you need to use mesh banners. Regular banners can get torn apart or blown away easily if it’s windy. Putting slits in them manually to prevent this will destroy the design. Unlike regular banners, mesh banners have little holes in them that allow air through, which makes them ideal for a windy environment.

Storefronts are not the only places you can put banners. They are effective at trade shows and events as well. A great choice for trade shows would be retractable banners. These banners are lightweight, compact, and ideal for traveling. You can set them up easily in seconds and reuse them if you’re participating in several trade shows. Backdrops are also great additions to retractable banners, especially if you have a wide area during tradeshows and events.

2. Promote exciting events with posters.

To tell customers about your store promotions and events, posters are an effective signage option. When creating a poster, you need to look at two elements—design and content—and how both interact with your target customer.

Fashion and yoga event posters

Thus, you need to define the audience of your poster and use it as a foundation for your design and content. Designing your poster blindly would only yield a poor result. It’s good practice to refer to your buyer persona, and the specific segment of it that you are targeting, when planning your poster.

From there, you can start with concepts on poster design and copy. As a general rule, less is always more. You should distill your design into one message that you want to convey. Most of the people looking at posters only have a few moments. You need to make your message clear within these few moments for it to be effective.

Your information should also be organized. Include the details that are important for your audience, including the date, time, location, contact details, and of course, the promotions or freebies that they could get if they participate.

3. Pull potential customers in with yard signs.

Politicians and real estate agents have used the power of yard signs for decades. Nowadays, other industries and business have tapped into yard signs because of their power to increase awareness. They capitalize on the traffic your home or business, or that of your customers.

Yard sign for a car wash

The biggest advantages of yard signs is in their cost and mobility. For a fraction of the expense, you can have your very own billboards around your community. Long term cost is also lessened if you have already collected a set of yard signs made for every season. You can easily change them to display the appropriate message for the season and reuse them every year. Finally, yard signs are easy to set up, dismantle, and move to places where there is the most traffic. Just stick in the grass, then pull out when you’re done using them.

4. Create works of art with canvas prints.

If there’s one thing canvas prints are good at, it’s adding artistry and sophistication to the visual medium. Nothing speaks to class more than any photograph or message presented in a canvas print.

canvas print of a young child

Turn your photographs and artwork into works of art with canvas prints. Not only are they great interior decorations for stores and businesses, they can also improve your branding and reinforce the message you want to convey to visiting customers. Canvas prints easily attract attention since they are less common. If you work in a visual-heavy industry, such as photography, art, and even real estate, you need to try using canvas prints to present your work to potential clients.

How do you make your own effective signage? Tell us in the comments below.