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Holiday marketing advice for small businesses

As the holiday season gets into full swing, it is often a good idea for small businesses to invest in some holiday cheer. Much more so than one would think, consumers appreciate holiday-themed sales, rebates, shopping experiences and even marketing ploys.

Accordingly, businesses, particularly in the retail industry, may want to consider launching some last-minute holiday marketing campaigns of offerings to maximize exposure during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Also, because it is the season of giving, why not give away a few promotional items or gifts to your most loyal customers or business partners? While it may not be immediately profitable, it can certainly be an effective, long-term marketing technique.

"You can actually get customers excited about choosing which promotional pieces they want. If you think about it, the opportunities are pretty limitless," advises Much Ado About Marketing.

The popular marketing blog also suggests offering customers custom designed and printed calendars for the new year. As they are useful, year-round items that can be labeled with your company's name, they offer long-term exposure.

"Instead of printing one type of custom calendar with cute kittens or big cars, give your customers several choices," the blog adds. "With printing becoming more and more affordable, there really is no excuse to not give this one a shot."

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