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Holiday Marketing –Stand Out with Die-Cuts

Holiday sales can be as much as 75% of a companies’ annual profits1 so there’s no doubt that the current spending season is vital for many businesses. In this lackluster economy it’s tempting to cut back on your advertising budget, but this is the time for a marketing push. The L.A. Times had a recent article describing a Holiday performance with acrobats suspended up to 80 feet in the air doing somersaults and soaring about in red sparkly outfits.

This was not a Cirque du Soleil act, but rather a holiday evening at the Beverly Center Mall.2 This extravagant campaign designed to get people to come out and, oh by the way, spend some money, is clearly not something most of us can afford to do in order to boost seasonal sales. But don’t despair, a series of smart marketing choices can still add up to a campaign that connects with your customers and is different enough to help your message stand out from the season’s clutter.

Next Day Flyers 2009 Holiday Die Cuts

One promotional tool you can use as part of an inventive campaign is a die-cut. Die-cut marketing materials come in pretty much any form you want. They make unique mailers and handouts and are cost effective and versatile.3 For example, they can be used for cards, tags, direct mail promotions, novelty items, memorable branding pieces, hand-outs and displays.

This year Next Day Flyers has introduced five new holiday die cuts including a Turkey, Pie, Nutcracker, Champagne Bottle, a Holiday Wine Tag, plus we brought back our beloved Snowman Die-Cut Card. And no worries, all our die-cuts are way easier on the budget than somersaulting acrobats! Just take a look at some of our customizable die-cut templates below to find one that suits your company and desired message. Who knows, you might just find something that will have you doing flips. Happy Holidays! 

Die Cut Template Pictures

View Pre-made template for all of these products.

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Marketing –Stand Out with Die-Cuts

  1. Karen- You are right on here regarding die cuts. People often forget this simple, yet effective form of advertising. Die cuts are a fabulous way to get a potential customer to take a second look at your advertising, or special message you are sending- like a holiday greeting. People get bombarded daily with images, and the die cuts take the ordinary one step further. With the right campaigns, ideas and solid marketing behind it, the use if die cuts can easily find their place in your niche, and get your customers to respond.

  2. As a part time designer , I admit the importance of Die-Cuts , Customers will always judge what we selling by its cover , And business man will seize holiday occasion to promote their company and product

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