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Holiday greeting cards still offer a unique sign of consideration

To some, holiday greeting cards are becoming a thing of the past, but most still argue that the time spent in designing, purchasing and mailing a greeting card is a symbolic gesture of care and consideration. Most people have found that emailed greeting cards, which are growing in popularity, tend to elicit fewer responses from family members and loved ones. It is not difficult to imagine why.

For others, it is the process of personally crafting a greeting card that excites them. Card makers enjoy the artistic effort involved in card making and see the final product as much more of a reward than an electronic card that involves minimal effort, let alone the appreciation of recipients.

But Dorothy Marie Kucera points out for that for the collectors among us, greeting cards each offer their own unique style that can contribute to a rewarding hobby. “We need to be resourceful and not throw out these costly greetings that come our way,” she writes. “If you are not one who collects such things, who prefers an extremely minimalistic ordered home, then pass your greeting cards on to friends or volunteer groups who know how to turn them into a new life once again, sending them on their way to encourage other people.”

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