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Holiday Email Marketing – HoHoWhat? Already?

Last year we did some holiday marketing articles for those who tend to procrastinate, such as Last Minute Marketing (well, hey, we are Nextdayflyers after all). No doubt, for the last minute planners in the group, we’ll do some similar marketing tips this year, as well.

However, for those who like to prepare ahead of time, here it is, the first of the 2009 Holiday Marketing Articles to get your seasonal campaign lights up, running and burning bright.

More Emails are not Better1

You’ve probably received them from certain retailers every holiday season – an avalanche of emails that speed towards you with an increasing frequency, offering more and greater discounts. Resist the temptation and don’t do this! It’s not effective and it clutters inboxes, which can lead to customers clicking that unsubscribe button. Besides, when you offer ever increasing discounts it tends to “cheapen” your brand in the customer’s mind. 

Know What You Want to Offer When

Decide which products or services you want to offer and when you’re going to market those. Consider getting your strong offers out early before customer budgets are depleted.2

Try Something New

Don’t burn out your customers with the same message year after year – offer them something new – new message, new graphics, fresh angle. You might want to consider offering specials for the early shopper that are entirely different from the later shoppers. 

Use Emails to Promote a Special that is Unique to You

Don’t run with the mob. Put your creative brains together and come up with a holiday offer that is special to your product or service. As an example, last year Rothman’s, a clothing store, created their version of “cash for clunkers.” Customers could turn in their old suit and get $100 toward a new suite.1 What can you do that is great for your niche?

Holiday Email Tuning Tips

Ed Henrich from ClickZ3 provides some successful suggestions that were used on previous holidays:

  • If you don’t know what your customers want – ask
  • Create messaging that is unique to those preferences
  • Ask customers to vote on the holiday catalog cover (or test concepts without asking them).
  • Create campaigns with gift suggestions by gender, age, and budget.
  • Push for gift-card redemption – target gift-card recipients with "Get what you really wanted?" messaging in January
  • Offer more purchasing options (faster shipping, store locator)
  • 12 deals of Christmas messaging

Send a Holiday E-card

Don’t forget to send customers a holiday e-card wishing good cheer or whatever message is right for your market segment – without trying to sell them anything.

For Creative Inspiration

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a great link to an article that has an awesome list of some past holiday emails ranging from the most basic to technically complex: Holiday Email Planning and Ideas.

HoHoHo and Happy Holiday Planning!

Stay tuned…we’re going to have some great new seasonal die-cut products this year.

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  1. Trust Me: Give customers the gift of respect… and don’t forget your neighbors
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  3. Tune Up Your Holiday E-mail Planning Now
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