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Headlines Are Everything

A unique and effective print marketing campaign is able to grab the attention of consumers and prospects and firmly embed a brand's logo, message or idea directly in their memories, while the different style of marketing are essentially different roads toward the same ends.

According to the Duct Tape Marketing blog, five times as many people read headlines as they do the body of a postcard, brochure, email or other marketing message – a trend that encourages savvy businesspeople to focus on getting their headlines perfect.

"It doesn't matter what format your advertising takes – postcards, letters, print ads, radio or TV ads and even web sales copy," writes John Jantsch writes for the blog. "When you understand this, then you begin to realize that should use 80 percent of your marketing time and energy getting your headlines perfect."

There are many different ways to attract prospects' attention. The Ink Spot contributor Jacci Howard Bear advises marketers to ask provocative questions or make seemingly outrageous statements. Cute word play, alliteration and unique spins on stock phrases or sayings may also increase the likelihood of people taking notice.

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