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Green Initiatives Actually Enhance Print Marketing

While most people assume print marketing will suffer financially with the growing popularity of green initiatives, experts argue that environmentally aware print campaigns can increase revenue.

According to Print Week, sustainable performance is a huge financial benefit to print companies. In an interview with the news source, Bernard O'Connor, Tangent group procurement manager, said that telling customers about any green initiatives such as recycling or Forest Stewardship Council accreditation can lead to increased business and sales.

When competing for work, Tangent has an advantage over the competition because it has a certificate from the World Land Trust proving it uses carbon-balanced paper which reduces the company's carbon footprint. This entices customers to work with the company, as they can share in the eco-friendly credentials. And O'Connor reacts the same way when selecting a supplier.

"When I appraise potential suppliers, their environmental characteristics are evaluated and form part of the selection process," O'Connor told the news source.

The environmentally-friendly efforts by print companies can offer consumers effective marketing materials at affordable prices, while operating a sustainable business. One such marketing material that could be created with little impact on the environment are brochures of literature educating customers and clients on the important facts and specials a company has to offer.

Industry Today reported that the best way to showcase brochures or other printed pieces of literature to customers is with the use of a display rack. Companies can let consumers browse the brochures without having to spread them out on a table, only to be knocked off and fall on the floor. There are also foldable racks that can be transported easily to exhibits and other offices without taking up too much room.  

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