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Graphic designer creates uniquely designed soccer charts, donates proceeds to charity

In response to "uninspiring and visually dull" newspaper spreads and fixtures that promoted this year's World Cup, David Watson, a British graphic designer, created a series of match charts and posters to promote soccer leagues and events worldwide, with a share of proceeds going to the UNICEF's Soccer Aid project.

Watson adhered to a "less is more" principle of graphic design. The posters and charts feature a wide variety of color with rigid lines and angles pointing out match competitors.

"It's all about doing design that you love, that’s positive and gets back your passion for designing," says David. "It's a total buzz that people want to hang your designs on their walls. The added fact that it’s helping a charity is brilliant, but I haven’t done this to gain any moral high ground."

Aside from their practical use, the charts are visually appealing enough to be stand-alone wall fixtures in offices or homes.

Watson's graphic design initiative and charity drive highlight the mending potential of print marketing and charitable causes, as well as the lasting appeal of print products.

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