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Graphic Design Roundup #2

Here is round 2 of my graphic design roundup. Just so you get familiar with my taste. I do more than graphic design. I write for my own blog, I enjoy photography, and I’m working on launching a web app. So I’m always looking for design inspiration, life/business organization tips, and free resources in general.

I am a very visual reader, and I go through tons of links to pick the ones that stand out to me. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

20 Scary Fonts for Your Halloween Designs

Buffied free font

45 Awesome Affordable Club/Event Flyers to Print

11 Galleries to submit your business cards

40+ Useful Online Generators For Web Designers

Colorschemedesigner in 40+ Useful Online Generators For Web Designers

The Complete Guide of Becoming a Logo Designer

instantShift - The complete guide of becoming a logo designer

35 Free WordPress Themes For Personal Bloggers


Why Winners Win and Losers Lose

Winners vs. Losers

Absolutely Stunning Promotional Poster and Flyer Designs

 8 years freshguide artwork wip by mellowpt

Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #8

 HYPE TYPE by xyphid

100 Useful Free Textures

Texture13 in 100 Useful Free Textures

35 Excellent Wireframing Resources

Webwireframingresources in 35 Excellent Wireframing Resources

Lessons to be learnt from the Gap logo debacle

5 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design

3 thoughts on “Graphic Design Roundup #2

  1. Inspiration can be hard to find sometimes, but in truth it is all around us. As you are looking I am sure you will find. Breathe each design into life and enjoy being the nexus, the tool, the transition point of creation between here and there.

    : ]


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