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Google Embraces Direct Mail to Drive Internet Traffic

Direct mail continues to play a key role in the marketing campaigns of major companies due to their continual return on investments. While digital marketing does offer benefits to companies, marketers who use direct mailing solutions can reach a unique audience of less internet savvy consumers often overlooked by online and social media campaigns.

According to AccurateLeads, Google has been using direct mail in conjunction with email blasts to advertise their $100 free PPC advertising promotion. This strategy ensures that consumers of all different buying behaviors will be touched, rather than just a select few audiences based on their purchasing preferences.

Because so many consumers find themselves added to email lists and digital subscriptions that clog their inboxes, many are starting to appreciate the change of pace found in direct mail. Because emails from addresses unfamiliar to consumers post the risk of containing computer viruses or spam, consumers are growing to resent companies that force the interaction via email.

Thomson Local recently reported that direct mail has experienced the best results from older clients and consumers. In an interview with the news source, Julian Kingston, CEO at Political Data, said the older generation is more connected with traditional media.

"Direct mail and traditional media will continue to have a place at the table for some years to come," Kingston told the source.  

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