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Get to Know Your Customers with Mobile Technology

Recently updated on May 29th, 2020 at 04:37 pm

Enhancing your customers’ experience with mobile technology can improve their shopping experience and give you valued information to help you better know your customers. With mobile technology, you can offer product searches, in-store navigation, digital shopping lists, coupons, and reviews.

According to a Marketing Profs article, Evolving the Customer Experience With Mobile Technology the information you can gather to help you better understand your customer can include:

1. Address real, reoccurring shopper pain points.
2. Integrate mobile into the physical retail space through location-based information.
3. Tie relevant customer-centric promotional offers to a user’s wants and immediate needs.
4. Create fun and engaging experiences through social gaming and sharing.
5. Generate valuable shopper insights that create better user experiences over time.
6. Allow brands to truly connect with a consumer in the store at the moment of truth, creating an immediate, positive impact on purchase decisions.

If you’re unsure about utilizing mobile marketing (or key decision makers in your business are unsure) check out this slideshow:

If you’re new to mobile marketing, check out this comprehensive PDF download from MMA, the mobile marketing association, which has a mobile marketing glossary that will help you get to know all the terminology.

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