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Future trends of direct marketing

Direct marketing is an ever-evolving industry. For businesses to stay on top of current trends it is important to look forward and anticipate the direction marketing is headed toward.

One emerging trend among direct mail marketers is that of more efficient and measured mailing practices, especially as postage prices increase. "Send a marketing email before you do your direct mail if you have email addresses," says Dave Lewis, vice president of ProList, to the Digital Nirvana. "If a prospect clicks through to your landing page off of the email, delete them from the direct mailing. You already got their response."

Social media is rapidly becoming one of the most important marketing tools available, but not many marketers have adopted ways to include social networking into their direct marketing campaigns. A recent study found that the vast majority (88 percent) of companies use social media to maintain customer loyalty. In coming years, businesses will begin to incorporate creative marketing campaigns to attract new customers and clients.

Email marketing will be around for some time, but its current popularity is waning, especially as consumers balance their inbox among an ocean of incoming letters and advertisements. Most likely, email marketing will be about sustaining customers, much as social media is viewed now.

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