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Freelance Employees Need All the Marketing Help That They Can Get

Recent graduates and independent-minded veterans of the job hunt are both painfully aware that their skills might be difficult to market. This is especially true for artists, designers and graphic professionals. Much of the employment that they're qualified for is freelance, meaning that they don't rely on steady work and therefore must constantly market themselves to prospective clients.

This is a daunting task, made even more difficult by the fact that many of these workers spent most of their education learning to design things, rather than how to market them. As a result, their best methods for securing work usually involve showing their efforts to clients and customers. It is often necessary for them to create hundreds of examples of their photographs and designs.

That's why printed materials are so effective – they are essentially free samples of the products a buyer may eventually purchase. In particular, 5.25×4.125 printed flyers are excellent for distributing the fruits of an artist or designer's labors. These products contain just enough space to convey a variety of designs while being brief enough to appeal to busy marketers, news organizations or design firms.  

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