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Free Vector Pack with Vector Symbol Logos for All New Businesses

Recently updated on September 17th, 2020 at 03:37 pm

If you’re designing a logo for a business, then this vector symbol logos pack is going to help you out tremendously. Filled with over 32 logos that cover industries such as restaurant, financial, corporate, new media, non-profit, real estate, production, electrical, and many more, these symbol logos pack is designed to grab a shape or other piece of vector art and apply it to your own work.

Here is a brief look at just some of the awesome pieces of vector art in this special pack that is free for you to download and use to your hearts content:

free vector download


free restaurant vector

Create a casual dining logo for your new restaurant with this colorful and mouth-watering vector design.


free sports bar vector

A fun and lively piece of vector art to use for your own sports bar branding and design.


free online shop vector logo

An uber cute and colorful vector logo for your online store.


free marketing vector logo

A vector symbol for a marketing company that speaks of calmness and creativity.


price tag vector

A price tag vector symbol for your discount stores or for branding your sales events.


free pig vector You’ll get a free butcher shop vector logo when pigs fly!


photography logo

Shutter click vector art for your photography logo design.


electrician vector

A zappy vector symbol for your electrician design.

There are many more designs for your industry in our free to download vector pack. Download them all to use or to put in your design library for a rainy day.

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