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Four Ways to Promote Your Summer Event

It’s a season of BBQs, late nights, and days at the beach, but before you get lost in the euphoria of summer, we have a few tips to help you get the most out of the season of sun and fun.

As temperatures rise, it’s common to take your marketing outdoors by putting together an event in your town or a nearby city. Setting up a booth at summer food and music festivals, throwing a concert in the park or sponsoring a sporting event are all popular ways to brand your small business in the warmer months. Once the event is planned and the promotional materials are designed and printed, it’s time to get the word out to people in your community.

1 – Put Flyers (and Business Cards) in Local Businesses

Business card with couponMany coffee shops and local retailers like book, record, and clothing stores offer places for people to drop off flyers and business cards. Find the locations that appeal to the crowd you want to attract.. Though many of these “drop-off areas” are self-serve, take a minute and speak to the merchant or clerk if you can – building a personal relationship is always ideal, and it may mean your flyers don’t get the boot when they decide to clean house one day.

2 – Hang Up Posters Outside Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars

Yellow and blue postersOnce you have a poster you love, locate a handful of bars, restaurants, and clubs your audience frequents and put up posters outside the venues on lampposts. Try to be polite and don’t cover up anyone else’s poster – good karma goes a long way in the promotional world.

3 – Do Hand-to-Hand Promotion in High-Traffic AreasPeople walking in the street

You’ll see plenty of folks out on the street in summer months – at farmers’ markets, walking through outdoor shopping centers, or simply taking a stroll through the neighborhood. Identify a few high-traffic areas near your event location and spend an afternoon doing a little hand-to-hand promotion. Hand out unique flyers offering a discount on event admission if you want to track the results of your hand-to-hand efforts, but don’t let this massive opportunity to put a face to the event go to waste. One-to-one promotion works because it is personal, and you never know whom you might meet on the street.

4 – Go Guerrilla and Chalk It Up

Guy using sidewalk chalkWhile you’re out on the street doing hand-to-hand promotion, take advantage of all the foot traffic you see and brand yourself in a way that’s memorable – with a little bit of sidewalk chalk. Grab some bright colors and write your event information on street corners in high-traffic areas. Include a funny image or quote to get people’s attention and don’t forget your website – if you do your job well, people will want more information. It’s fun, inexpensive, and will help you stand out from the crowd.

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2 thoughts on “Four Ways to Promote Your Summer Event

  1. Great Ideas! I have a question… All of those sound fantastic if your a Band, restaurant, artist… But we are a solar company that is just getting started… what are some recommendations for getting and event together or getting our brochures and or flyers out there?

    Sunny in Tustin 🙂

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks for writing! Glad you enjoyed the article. Solar is a growing industry and green energy is top of mind for many – I’m sure you can find people ready to partner with you on hosting an event. My suggestion would be to research like-minded organizations or businesses as well as green-related events in your area. Find some people you’d like to work with and see if you can piggyback on their event. You may also want to hire an event planning company or marketing consultant to help you take the next step. In terms of getting out your brochures and flyers, find local businesses frequented by your target demographic and house them there. Try partnering with certain businesses to offer a discount to anyone they refer to you and print special flyers for those businesses. You could also look into a direct mail campaign to distribute your materials.

      Hope these ideas help!


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