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Fold-Over Business Cards Leave a Unique Impression

Business cards are generally a tool for people who work in offices and have official titles. Lawyers, insurance agents and consultants are usually the sort of people who go around exchanging personal information on engraved and embossed pieces of card stock. However, artists, musicians and writers all have as much to gain by sharing personal details with other professionals. It may be the case that the reason they traditionally do not is the social connotations that go along with business cards.

Fortunately, one way that creative people can market themselves to others and make personal contacts is by using fold-over business cards. These 3.5×4-inch glossy printed materials can be artistically designed with all manner of images and text. They become things of beauty and intrigue to recipients, which allows them to overcome their natural prejudice against businesspeople.

They're also interesting, unique and capable of presenting art on the outside and information on the inside. Instead of being confronted with another person's information all at once, associates and collaborators are treated to an experience that they aren't likely to have had before. Each encounter becomes memorable when graphic designers and painters choose to share fold-over business cards.  

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