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Florida Restaurant Enjoys Solid Response Rate from Postcard Campaign

While many marketing professionals will tout location-based, search engine, social media and other cutting-edge marketing innovations as the principle force behind today's promotional business strategies, they may be surprised to note how effective some traditional channels can be in optimizing brand exposure.

Take postcards, for instance. While the use of postcards is no longer the primary mode of travel correspondence, especially in this age of instantaneous communication, they have become popular collectors' items and, more importantly, direct mail materials.

Splash! Ocean Grill in Lutz, Florida, is a good example of this trend and how small businesses can take advantage of it.

The restaurant recently began sending out more than 2,000 postcards per month – as a means of supplementing their existing marketing efforts, according to Restaurant News.

"They report an ongoing monthly response of 3-7 percent from their mailings, which brings in 60-140 extra customers every month," the source reported.

"Just like the right seasoning brings out the flavor of a meal, direct mail is the results-enhancing ingredient in any marketing recipe," Restaurant News added.

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