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Florida city sends postcards to Northeasterners imploring them to visit during height of winter

With the advent of instant web-based communication, traditional mail items such as postcards, letters and flyers have essentially become direct mail marketing materials. But with its dual visual-textual capability, the postcard has become a particularly interesting direct mail method.

The city of Palm Coast, Florida, recognized the practical use of postcards and recently launched a direct mail campaign imploring snow-laden Northeasterners to take a trip down to the Sunshine State.

This week, the city announced it plans to send thousands of postcards to northern residents who own property in the area.

“The concept was do a mailing in the dead of winter letting them know that Palm Coast is still a great place to live,” Beau Falgout, senior economic development planner for Palm Coast, told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “What better group of people to generate interest in than someone who has already invested in Palm Coast by buying a lot.”

While the Palm Coast initiative represents a ploy to boost housing development, small business activity and job creation, the simple act of delivering postcards to attract attention goes a long way in showing the continued importance of print and direct mail marketing.

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