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Five reasons a postcard campaign is a smart marketing investment

While all print media serves to reach consumers more directly than online formats, some print materials are more direct than others. With their simplicity of message and enticing visual appeal, postcards are likely the most direct print marketing format.

Writing for, Daniel Kehrer points out five key reasons why postcards are a smart marketing investment:

1)  They're eye-catching. The photograph or image on one side is enough to grab anyone's attention.
2)  They're simple. One message and one photo makes life easier for viewers and shows what your company is all about.
3)  They're timely. Postcards can be delivered by mail, left for perusing in coffee shops or handed out on the street.
4)  They're two-sided. This gives consumers two ways to "enjoy" the postcard.
5)  They're multifaceted. They can double as a gift card, coupon or other application.

Some simple advice, but that is the essence of postcards and why they are so effective, even as digital media begins to hog up the majority of big companies' marketing dollars.

Still, even large corporations like Yahoo have embraced the efficacy of postcards, suggesting to small businesses and consumers alike that when it comes to marketing, simplicity is king.

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