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Finding the Right Graphic Designer

While some businesses may be able to take on their own marketing initiatives, relying on collective brainstorming and creativity to develop promotional strategies, graphic design almost always has to be outsourced, as effective and appealing design tends to require years of practice and experience to perfect.

What's more, graphic design is also one of the most important, yet underestimated, aspects of advertising and marketing, and the reason for that is subtlety. When a marketing brochure, website, postcard or flyer is designed well, consumers are attracted to it but may not necessarily know why.

However, the dual universes of print and digital have created a number of challenges for the graphic design world, as most professionals excel in one area and fall short in the other. As such, finding the right design can be a challenge. Take brochure conversion, for example.

"A simple brochure might not be designed to the same scale requirements to fit as a website," writes the blog Graphic Design Tips. "A lot of cropping might render the artwork useless for use on the web, so make sure you have a designer that's up to the job of taking the concept and applying it on a website design."

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