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Featured Designer: Patrick Neve

Graphic designers account for a significant percentage of the printing we do here at Next Day Flyers. We like to recognize these talented individuals on a regular basis in our blog. In this post we are pleased to introduce Patrick Neve, owner of Headbent Creative Design located in Peoria, Arizona.

Patrick’s shop is small at this point in his career, but he has big plans and would like to make a name for himself in the future. Patrick’s work includes designing and developing websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bands. He strives to help businesses form memorable identities that allow them to make a strong first impression.

An artist his entire life, Patrick was into illustration and hand drawing throughout his youth. Ironically, he did not see himself making a living as an artist. Years later, he stumbled upon Adobe Photoshop and soon discovered that the creative possibilities were endless.

He began designing flyers, business cards, and logos for bands, small businesses, and artists.

Although music was his primary passion, design eventually won his full attention.

Patrick informs us that experience and experimentation were the keys to his career development.  He believes that technical skills, time-management, marketing strategies, self-motivation, and communication skills are mastered through experience.

“The sooner you can throw yourself into the middle of this chaos, the sooner you’ll find yourself adapting in this extremely competitive industry. I’m still learning everyday! has been an extremely helpful and affordable tool for me when I want to learn a new skill or fine-tune the ones I already have,” explains Patrick.

A Nissan dealership that wanted some billboards was his first assignment. Although he had never designed a billboard before, he wasn’t afraid to ask other artists for input. He completed the job and the dealership owners were happy with the two boards he designed.

Patrick has designed websites for some pro bodybuilders, including his father who was a Mr. USA champion bodybuilder and world record holder. Other clients include Villain Recording and One Stop Nutrition in Phoenix, AZ.

As a naturally meticulous person with a highly developed attention to detail, Patrick find graphic design an ideal environment in which to work. He loves the challenges that clients present to him and looks forward to the moment when his clients say; “That’s it! You got it! Thank you, Pat!”

Recently, Patrick ordered a supply of 5.375” x 5.375” flyers for Headbent Creative Design and plans to place them anywhere potential clients might see them, including coffee shops, gyms, band rehearsal locations, etc. Next, he wants to try out some “door hangers” and then following them with postcards.

“I was super impressed with the flyer quality. The colors matched perfectly and the 14pt matte cardstock was perfect for my style! After trying numerous local and national printer services, I was most pleased with Next Day Flyers. I will not only continue to use NDF, but I will recommend you to others,” Patrick says of his experience with Next Day Flyers.

Patrick has been very busy in the design and development of websites including one for his independent band project. It’s still a work-in-progress, readers can visit it at:

He’s also redesigning his own website — and looks forward to visitors that will be arriving there thanks to this blog.

Patrick shares these words of advice to those who are getting into graphic design and everyone who wishes to achieve success at any endeavor:


“Try not to get too caught up in competing with other artists. Everyone is good at something. Find your niche and work at taking it to a whole new level. Blow your own socks off! And encourage yourself to be inspired by other artists. See them as family instead of the competition.”

And to all:

“Whatever you pursue, I believe the same principles apply toward anyone’s success;

1. Endurance

2. Communication

3. Patience

4. Avant-garde mindset

5. Loyalty

6. And above all, Honesty.”

Thank you Patrick, for your story and your words of advice.

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