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Featured Designer: Bryan Andrew Ruiz

Every so often, Next Day Flyers selects one of the many designers that works with us, to be highlighted in a recurring blog post known as Featured Designer. We like to find out what makes their design clock tick and what makes them so passionate about design.

Without further ado – we present Bryan Andrew Ruiz.×200.png

NDF: How did you find yourself in the world of design?


BAR: About 8 years ago, while studying finance and accounting, I realized that numbers were too boring for my personality. When I stumbled upon the idea of getting a degree in advertising, I loved the notion of being able to use pictures and headlines to tell a story.

NDF: What sort of education did you pursue to gain design knowledge?


BAR: After I received my degree in Advertising and Design from the University of Florida, I worked as a graphic designer at a small agency in Florida. After that, I moved to Los Angeles to work at a Fortune 500 company in branding and design. I currently live in New York City, working as a freelance web and graphic designer.×200.jpg

NDF: What was your first design job?


BAR: My first job was at a 5-person advertising agency in Florida. It was the perfect first job because I was able to make mistakes and learn from the experience. In addition, I had the opportunity to work in account management. This background gave me a solid foundation for the career I have today.

NDF: Can you tell us some of your noteworthy clients?


BAR: One of my biggest clients is the University of Florida. They use me to design post cards for various events and I am currently working on a redesign for one of their alumni websites.×270.jpg

NDF: What do you like most about your career in design?


BAR: I love when I see how happy someone is when they see what I produced for them. When I hear “That’s exactly what I wanted!” I know that I am in the right career. I really enjoy turning a client’s vision into a completed design.

NDF: How do you utilize Next Day Flyers?


BAR: I have been ordering from Next Day Flyers for about three years. I use Next Day Flyers for all of my clients’ different print needs as well as my own. I have printed business cards, postcards, invitations, brochures and rack cards. I am satisfied with the quality –that’s what keeps me coming back.×248.jpg

NDF: Any words of encouragement for those new to the field of design?


BAR: It takes time and a lot of networking to get to the point where you can see the success of your work. I am constantly trying to stay current with what’s happening in the digital, technology and advertising/marketing space. It’s not just about good design but understanding the best way to design for various spaces.

NDF: Is there a promotional message you’d like to make?

BAR: I was so happy to hear from Next Day Flyers about this opportunity to be the Featured Designer. I consider them a partner when it comes to my client’s needs. Being a designer in NYC can be competitive, so having the ability to get great printing at affordable prices helps in the selling process for landing the business.

With that said, check out my website or my blog at today to learn more about me and see more of my work!×218.png×300.jpg

We hope you enjoyed meeting Bryan and invite you to send us your name to be included in our never-ending quest for another Featured Designer.

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