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Featured Business: King Richard’s Antique Center

Many of our customers are small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, mom-and-pops, independent retailers and home-based businesses. They find our selection of marketing tools and affordable prices combined with responsive customer care and rapid turnaround to be a vital part of their overall operation.


Over the years, we survey our customers to find out how we can better serve them and help them operate more efficiently by delivering maximum value. Occasionally we take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of the businesses that orders our products.

Here’s one that really intrigued us. A collector at heart and a huge fan of television shows like Antiques Roadshow and Pawn Stars, we are very excited to share the story of a customer located in Southern California that is a veritable cornucopia of collectibles.

Chuck and Martha Garcera own the largest antique center in California. Their responsibilities include:

– overseeing the store/business operations
– buying estates/merchandise for the store
– establishing goals and setting criteria for more than 100 antique/vintage dealers
– marketing and promoting the business in community events

Visitors pose for a photo with Martha and Chuck:

Jessica (Chamber of Commerce), Martha, Sandra (Crepes & Grapes), Chuck

It all started with a little girl’s hobby…

The Garcera’s daughter, Sara, who was 9 years old at the time, motivated Martha to start collecting and selling vintage merchandise. Sara learned to buy and sell on eBay. It turned out to be a successful venture and today she has two full showcases at the store that are filled with Star Wars memorabilia.  Soon, Martha began dabbling with antiques as a hobby and shared a small space at King Richards with a friend.

Sara’s Stellar Showcase of Star Wars Collectibles

After about 3 years at this level of involvement, Chuck and Martha became owners and operators of King Richard’s and have been running the entire show for the past 3 years.

Prior to King Richard’s, the couple operated various businesses. They both agree that their best teacher has been on-the-job training. It also is essential to have a natural eye for antiques and the ability to assess value.

Every day is an adventure!

King Richards provides them with a stimulating daily experience. The building itself is historic (over 100 years old), plus “you never know who will walk through the door – movie stars, movie set decorators, and historians,” remarks Chuck.

The 47,000 square foot (more than an acre!) building first served as a citrus packing house and later as a furniture and lamps store. Its name comes from the founder of the antique store within: Richard Bowlin (1979).

In addition to King Richard’s, Chuck and Martha are now in charge of the Whittier Antique Faire. Following a period of mismanagement, the show has been turned around and is a popular and fun family event.

“Being voted the best antique store in Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley was also very rewarding,” says Martha with a great deal of pride.

Chuck and Martha love finding great treasures and hearing customers’ compliments on the store’s appearance, its vast array of products, and the helpful staff.

Antique or vintage jewelry anyone?

The Garcera’s  have plenty of ideas and plans for the future including becoming a featured stop for tours in the Southern California area, being featured in a reality TV show, and expanding the size.

Some cool retro furniture waiting for a new owner.

How Next Day Flyers fits into the picture:

King Richard’s Antiques uses Next Day Flyers products for marketing. Flyers and postcards are posted in the store and distributed to a lengthy mailing list. They also use Next Day Flyers materials to promote the annual Whittier Uptown Antique Show.

A promotional flyer sourced from Next Day Flyers

An advertising postcard used to promote a sale.

Movie posters and more!

When asked about gaining wisdom the hard way, Chuck and Martha respond, “We are always learning. A while back, we bought some collectible Disney characters that we should have researched before buying them from a dealer/ex-Disney employee. Although they were discounted 20% from the asking price, the amount paid was about 20% more than what would have been appropriate.”

They now carry an iPad when they go “treasure hunting” to research and check up on values.

Always popular and collectible, metal signs.

Chuck and Martha offer these words of advice:  “If you’re interested in antiques or the vintage business, there’s no time like the present. Reality TV shows have stimulated a huge resurgence for these kinds of businesses and it’s a perfect time to jump in. Buy quality items and learn their value.”

King Richards has an on-site classroom offering a monthly appraisal clinic conducted by the College for Appraisers for those interested in antiques and vintage items as a hobby or a business.

Chuck and Martha offer these websites to visit to see some of the interesting ventures they have been involved with:

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