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Fabiola’s Fabulous Postcard Portfolios

Hopefully you all are aware of a contest which we recently held here at Next Day Flyers. During the month of April 2012 we gave away a set of 100 Postcard Portfolios every day. The portfolios serve as great materials for artists, designers, and photographers to leave behind with potential clients. Each portfolio contains 10 4×6 postcards printed on 14 PT card stock. The 10 postcards are then bound together and the final product is a neatly packaged portfolio. The Postcard Portfolios are a great example of one of the many custom promotional products that we can print.

Postcard Porfolio
Postcard Portfolio


One of our team members here at Next Day Flyers, Fabiola Gutierrez, is also an excellent make-up artist. She had a set of Postcard Portfolios printed to feature her work. Below is a Q&A session with Fabiola.

Can you tell us about how you got started in the make-up industry?

I’ve had an interest for makeup and fashion since I can remember. Yet in 2009 decided to open my own online makeup store using private label cosmetics. As I got more involved in cosmetics I discovered a passion for the artistry behind the makeup. It was then that I decided I needed to take professional artistry classes to make it my career and have gradually been building my clientele. I have done makeup work for special events, photo shoots, music videos and film. I also offer makeup artistry classes to teach others all aspects of becoming a professional makeup artist and/or self application makeup workshops.

What do you like about your work? Is there anything you dislike?

Makeup artistry does not feel like a job. It’s a great way to meet and socialize with people and being able to help others is a blessing. Every face is a canvas and even though I encounter people with skin conditions, imperfections etc., being able to use corrective skills and the wonders of makeup is amazing! I love to be able to give my clients basic skin care and application tips and transform them by enhancing their features. Certain personalities can be a challenge as I have come across a few individuals that prefer to stay in their comfort zone making it difficult for us makeup artists to do our job as we know what suits them best. Overall we both look for a positive final outcome and as an artist I do what it takes to make it right. Depending on the job, hours can be long and tiring but so worth it!

Can you describe your target market or ideal customers?

I offer a variety of services; therefore, I have different packages for different clients. I offer beauty/glamour makeup for the ordinary girl/woman as well as makeup for special events, red carpet, photo shoots, music videos and film. I also do special effects makeup which is mostly used for film or hired for seasonal jobs such as Halloween etc. Special Effects can also help those with imperfections by using prosthetics or casting and molding to create a different character. Face painting, temporary and glitter tattoos is targeted for those looking for an artist for their kids parties etc. My clientele base is huge so there is no specific or ideal customer.

How do you plan on using the portfolios?

The images used for the portfolio are professional images from photo shoots which reflect beauty images. Beauty/Glamour is higher in demand and can open opportunities for on air makeup artists and a variety of other makeup jobs. I plan to use these postcard portfolios to promote some of my work and distribute among companies, producers, photographers, models etc that are seeking services for special events, on air, film, music videos etc.

Fabiola’s portfolio postcard designs

What benefit do you anticipate you’ll receive from the portfolios?

The ability to reach top producers, directors, film companies and network with a larger client base. The more exposure the more makeup jobs and opportunities may come.



If you’re interested in having your own Postcard Portfolios printed, or have any other custom product in mind, please visit our Custom Items page for more information.

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