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Eye-Catching Flyers Boost Business

Flyers enable businesses and individuals to draw attention to a message, product or service with large graphics or pictures from farther distances. Staples recently launched a marketing campaign advertising its back-to-school supplies sale using flyers to draw in customers.

The company wants to advertise that not all back-to-school shopping has to break families' budgets, and the flyer is a fitting, cost-effective way to advertise to many consumers at once while staying in budget. Because it is an affordable marketing option, the flyers will be used throughout the entire back-to-school season which usually lasts from late July through early September.

Similarly, The Telegram recently reported how a photographer and an artist decided to go into business together and launched a marketing campaign combining their two talents. The photographer, Ashlee Babb, had flyers of her work printed to pass around their town to draw in customers. The flyer showcased Babb's work while simultaneously drawing customers to their store and website for more information on the offered services.

Shaylyn King, the artist, has been sketching photos taken by Babb and using those drawings as marketing tools as well. The use of stunning photographs and graphics in conjunction with the company's brand, logo or information is an effective to pique the interest of consumers while presenting them with valuable marketing information.  

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