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Evaluating your demographic through marketing surveys

With so many marketing channels to choose from these days, many small businesses are left perplexed about how to balance their campaigns. It seems as though some experts argue for complete devotion to online media, while others profess a more traditional, print-focused approach.

But ultimately – and hopefully – you know your customers best. You know their spending habits and what drives them, and it is through marketing that you learn about their motivations.

Accordingly, a good way to acquire a better understanding of your demographic is to conduct a survey. Design a series of questions for completion on a volunteer basis, and issue them in both print and online mediums. The most practical strategy would be to administer one survey through email and another identical questionnaire through direct mail.

"The survey results that come in can offer extremely valuable insight into how your customers feel about items such as your print marketing collateral, receiving marketing materials via traditional print medium, receiving marketing materials via your website and/or email (and) your overall online presence," writes online research firm Zoomerang.

"By simply analyzing which version of the survey was responded to the most you can clearly establish which medium your demographic prefers," the site adds.

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