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Emerging trends to note when developing messages for direct marketing campaigns

Thomson Local recently reported that B2B email and mailing campaigns must include personalized messages and integrated digital content to acquire new customers.

With the emergence of junk mail consumers are disposing of direct mail materials, forcing marketers to focus more on targeting the right audience with the most concise message. The news source said recent trends in direct marketing revolve around segmentation. If the database of consumers is properly categorized, then specific messages can be sent to specific recipients, thus leading to more positive responses and purchases. Segmentation can also help marketers identify which consumers would respond better to print, social or digital advertising efforts.

Once the contacts have been segmented, the news source reports the messages for each category must be personalized so the materials do not appear to be junk mail. Rather, the materials want to provide information on products and services of interest to the consumer. It is equally important to integrate various media platforms within the same campaign.

Amsterdam Printing reported that including mobile video in a marketing campaign will increase recall rates of consumers by providing them with a more memorable experience. Ujjal Kohli from Mobile Marketer explained that adding video to a campaign with direct mail, social media and mobile initiatives will give the best results.  

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