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Email marketing and emerging trends

Contrary to a lot of opinions, email marketing continues to grow as one of the most cost-effective promotional measures. However, there are certain techniques businesses should employ to maximize their marketing prospects.

Shorter emails are more likely to engage recipients, as consumers do not have time to read long essays about why one product or service is greater than others. That being said, marketers should categorize their bouncebacks while maintaining a regimented call log. Clients will usually appreciate the sound of a human voice over generically written texts. This also increases the chance of remembering a marketer's offering.

Another trend that is becoming popular among marketers is keeping a system of lead rating. This is essentially ranking the quality of leads with simple figures so sales and marketing teams can isolate the greatest potentials and know which leads are deserving of heightened attention.

"This is critical when it comes to best use of your manpower," writes Cynthia Boris for Marketing Pilgrim. "(Professionals) recommend that clients be rescored on every contact and that there is a system in place to bump the highest scoring clients directly to a sales agent for immediate follow-up."

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