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Ecommerce retailer rolls out massive direct mail campaign

Still in its infancy, ecommerce site has launched a massive direct mail campaign in an attempt to raise awareness and generate new customers for the cosmetics and home supplies retailer.

Over the weekend, the company sent 1 million postcards to residents in the New York City area. The cards include a same-day delivery offer, as well as a discount of 20 percent on a customer's first purchase.

"We explored a lot of different creatives," Teju Prabhakar, associate director of marketing, told Direct Marketing News. "Its clean look and feel meshes well with our bright airy feel that the site has."

The move is part of an attempt to raise particular exposure in the retailer's New York area home. In September, the site launched a similar nationwide campaign that involved more than 2 million postcards.

Although is only three months old, the marketing team has already suggested their preference for direct mail campaigns.

"Direct mail is a great vehicle for us to do smart, targeted marketing," added David Zhang, director of marketing.

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