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eBay launches new print and digital marketing campaign

Online auction retailer eBay has launched a new print and digital marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness about the site’s Buyer Protection program – a system by which eBay provides coverage for all purchases made on the site and, it claims, increases consumer confidence while allowing small businesses to compete with larger retail chains.

The initiative involves more than 27 million emails to eBay users and more than one million additional postcards to be sent through traditional mail.

“Small business entrepreneurs are the backbone of the American economy, creating most of the jobs in our country,” said eBay President and CEO John Donahoe. “eBay Buyer Protection helps these independent sellers and small business entrepreneurs compete more effectively with national retailers by increasing consumer confidence and trust.”

However, many consumers and eBay shoppers remain skeptical of the new marketing campaign. For one, the campaign – which also included a letter from Donahoe on the site’s homepage – would remind users of the possibility of a bad eBay experience. It could also inspire users to take advantage of the program for illegitimate reasons.

Still, eBay reminded its users in a statement that consumers who are aware of the buyer Protection service buy twice as much as consumers who are not aware – a gap the auction giant seems to want to close with this new marketing campaign.

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