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Design Tutorial 2: Avant-Garde Club Flyer Photoshop Tutorial

alternative club flyer design

Time Needed

2-3 hours


Pathfinder cut-out

Integrating 3d vector elements into Photoshop

Using filters/effects/blending modes

Integrating hand-drawn elements

Resources Used

Girls Profile Stock by Tanit Isis

Texture stock by deliquescedesign

<< PSD File>>


This nightclub flyer took a slightly more avant-garde design route. It was my intention to create a design with a “Lady Gaga” theatrical feel to it. I wanted to create something modern and geometric but I also wanted to incorporate some hand-drawn, “human” elements. There are no complex techniques involved in this design but I think the overall effect is pretty impressive



1__Using your Pathfinder tool, carefully cut-out the girl from her dark background and place in a new file at your desired size



2__Create a new layer in front of the girl and paste the hand-drawn font into the design. Choose the magic eraser tool from the tool menu and click on the white area to erase the background and make the text a floating shape.



3__The hand-drawn font was created in black pen. To transform the text from black to white, go to image> adjustments> invert



5__ Paste the hand-drawn pattern into the design in a new layer behind the girl.



6__Create a new layer in front of the pattern. Go to the gradient tool. Choose linear gradient with a white to clear gradient. Drag the gradient from the top of the design to the bottom. We want to “knockout” the top of the pattern and leave a blank canvas to add our following design elements on.



7__Create a dark grey or black layer. Go to filter>render>clouds to transform this layer to a cloudy pattern.



8__ Go to filter> blur>clouds to transform the cloud layer to a radial pattern. Set the blur method to “zoom” and the amount to around 85.



9__When the effect has been generated, go to your blending mode menu (top of your layers panel) and choose difference from the drop-down menu. You may need to experiment with the position, scale, and opacity of this layer to get an effect you’re happy with.



10__Create a new layer and flood it with the Technicolor gradient in the gradient editor preset menu (make sure you have chosen angle gradient from the global gradient menu to get the right effect.)



11__Using your circular marquee tool, select different sized circles from the layer and cut and paste these circles into your design, experimenting with the scale, positioning and opacity.



12__Position your newly created circles in front and behind your girl figure.



13__Create two larger circles and use your hue/saturation tool (ctrl+u) to control the color on these interlocking shapes. You want these shapes to give the lettering contrast.



14__From your toolbar, choose the circle frame shape from your custom shape menu. Place your “halo” shape behind the girl’s head.



15__If you want to edit the circle stroke circumference, go to your toolbar, and use your direct selection tool to select the inside shape. Use the transform function to change the inner circumference.



16__Go to your effects menu (layer style menu) and add a black to grey gradient overlay. Set the gradient overlay to (black) #0e0d0e to (grey) #545255


17__Cut and paste the circle shape. Use your direct selection tool again, to re-size the circumference of your inner circle. Change the gradient overlay to (black) #161617 to (grey) #939096. Reverse the angle of the gradient in the gradient menu.


18__ Create a white rectangle shape. Go to filter>pixelate>mosaic.



19__This adds a simple multiplied image effect. Rotate at an angle and add to your design.


20__To add more geometrical shapes, repeat steps 10 and 11 and create another circle. This time, we will use our marquee tools to cut a circle and rectangular shape out of the center of our circle to give it a cool geometrical effect.


21__Copy, paste, and enlarge this same shape. Place in a layer behind the girl. Use our marquee tool to quickly delete one side of the circular shape.


22__If you want to add 3D shapes, you will need to use Illustrator. Draw some simple rectangular and circular shapes and make them into 3D elements by using the extrude and bevel feature in the effects menu. Add a perspective value in this menu to create depth.


23__Copy and paste these shapes as a pixel layer into our main Photoshop document, rotating and resizing as you go.


24__Draw some flat white circles with the shape tool. Create a “lens flare” type effect by overlaying one on the other.


25__Draw some flat black circles with the shape tool. Place around the image.


26__Create a new layer. Use the polygonal lasso tool to select a triangular area of the canvas. Drag a blue (#39959f) to clear gradient from the top edge to the bottom.


27__Copy and paste this layer multiple times, using our hue/saturation tool (ctrl+u) to change the hue each time.

< 28__Create a new layer. Use a big “fuzzy” pen to draw magenta (#c829c6), yellow (#e7ec60), and blue (#2b9bda) on the left hand side of the girl.  

29__Go to your blending mode menu (top of your layers panel) and choose screen from the drop-down menu.


30__Add the hand-drawn ink-splodge under your girl figures left eye.

31__Place the special texture layer on top of your layers. Experiment with the placement of this layer – Copying and placing to get the best textured effect.

33__Go to your blending mode menu (top of your layers panel) and choose screen from the drop-down menu.

34__ To finish, add a curves adjustment layer to the whole document (click on the half-moon icon at the foot of the layers menu and select curves) drag the curve pointers until you are satisfied with the result.

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  1. I frikkin love this! You are a talented designer. Thanks for this tutorial it’s so sexy and cool!

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