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The Power of Dropbox! Using It to Upload and Print with NextDayFlyers

Recently updated on October 17th, 2017 at 11:07 pm


Use Dropbox to Upload to NextDayFlyers

NDF is now offering Dropbox as a way to upload your files for business cards, flyers, posters, and all of your other printing needs. So how exactly does that make life a bit easier? Suppose you need to upload a file and place an order right away. Your only problem: you have only your iPad with you but the file you need was created on your laptop, which you just happened to leave at home. As long as you uploaded and synched the file to Dropbox from your laptop, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just open Dropbox on your iPad and the file will always be available and ready to upload to NDF.

So how is this done exactly? In a few very easy steps we’ll show you how to do it. You can use any product, but we’re using business card printing for the purposes of this blog post.

1.From the NextDayFlyers homepage, select business cards from our product menu

2. Click “Get Started” under the type of business card you want.

dropbox_method_13. Under Select Next Step, click “Upload a File”.


4. Confirm Current Options and Add-On Options. Click “Continue”.


5. Select the orientation of your file and “Upload File Size”. Select “Dropbox” from the “Choose File Source Menu”.


6. For the Front Image, select “Choose from Dropbox”. Type in your Dropbox credentials and click “Sign in”.


7. Browse to the file and select it. Click “Choose”.


The Dropbox link to the file appears in the box.

dropbox_method_78. If you have a back image, repeat steps 6–8.

9. Click “Upload Later” or “Upload Now” (depending on your individual needs.)


The item now appears in your Shopping Cart.


  • And that’s it! Pretty easy stuff, right? Now that you know some ways that Dropbox can make the world of file storage and printing a little bit easier to navigate, use it to upload the files from your next project at NextDayFlyers!

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