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Door Hangers Can Make a Non-profit Campaign a Little Bit Easier to Run

One of the most difficult types of fundraising campaigns is the door-to-door trips that many volunteers must make. It can be very disheartening work – people may be sympathetic but unwilling to contribute money, while others may resent the fact that their evening is being disturbed. Many canvassers will be grateful for any tool that makes their jobs a little bit easier.

A job like this might not get any easier, but it can certainly stand to be more successful. For all of the effort put into this type of fundraising, the financial returns can be very low. A good way to rectify this situation is by using 4.25×11 inch printed door hangers. These handy items are a great way to prime people and get them ready for a door-to-door collection.

Door hangers are easily hung on handles and doorknobs and therefore are difficult to ignore. A non-profit group could use these items to inform neighbors of the time and date of a collection. This allows them to be ready for volunteers at the appropriate time. With a successful door hanger deployment, money collections can be more efficient, and those who aren't interested can simply plan on doing other things on the chosen date.  

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