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Distinguishing Yourself Through Business Cards

Despite an overall stalled economic recovery, entrepreneurial activity is on the rise and has been for some time now. While consumer sales are still not at ideal levels, it's important for new companies to develop public relations strategies that will provide good coverage for their brand.

Leigh Mitchell suggests in the Globe and Mail that business owners attend networking events. While digital and print media are vital to an overall marketing strategy, engaging with prospects or customers face-to-face is equally important.

For that matter, entrepreneurs likely want to invest in a business card to distribute in such circumstances. As fast and sensational as mobile devices may be, the speed by which professionals can pull out and offer a business card – not to mention its professional appeal – is not matched by the clumsy fumbling of inputting digits in a smartphone.

Still, make your business card unique. Simplicity is ideal, but consider ways in which you can exemplify the uniqueness of your company within the uniqueness of your business card, as it should serve as a symbol of your professional value.

"Keep artwork clean and simple on your marketing materials," Mitchell writes. "Never under estimate the power of white space and the classic line ‘less is more’ in your promotional pieces."

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