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Direct marketing versus social media

It is difficult to overstate the importance of integrated marketing campaigns. As social media becomes a norm for social and business interactions, many have begun to see it as a direct competitor to direct mail or other print marketing media.

However, today's marketing strategies are multichannel and incorporate as many different mediums as possible. And when it comes to print, no method is more effective and efficient than direct mail marketing.

"Direct marketing in all its forms remains the fastest and most cost-effective way of putting appointments in the diary," writes MarketScan. "By using carefully targeted lists, you are able to reach your markets far more selectively than you can with any other media that I know of. Providing you are using quality data, you are able to target virtually any audience or buyer profile."

That being said, social media is still a vital aspect of any marketer's campaign. However, small businesses in particular need to be careful about how they approach such projects, as users of social media rarely log on looking to be read about new products and services. Instead, engage with users in a level conversation. Be personal and never automate your responses.

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