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Direct Marketing Show Its Strength In Campaigns, Sustainability

The 2012 Enhanced Voter Database is anticipated to be a hot commodity during the upcoming campaign season. President of BB Direct, Brian Berg, said that the database has over 180 million registered voters entered, each with detailed information such as income, gender, marital status and education.

The advanced voter list will be a key asset to campaigners looking to send specific messages to certain voters in an effort to persuade them on key issues relevant to their lifestyles. The list is an example of the effect a researched, segmented database can have on any marketing campaign looking to target unique consumers with personalized messages.

And the first step to gaining a detailed database is through market research. In an interview with Marketing World Magazine, Nigel Hollis, executive vice president and chief global analyst at Millward Brown, said market researchers play a vital role in brand development by working to shape consumer behaviors and attitudes.

Marketers can find insight into consumer preferences while working towards a more sustainable consumer market as well, Hollis said. There are many ways marketers can proactively build strong brands while creating awareness such as finding opportunities for growth and change within data, speaking with leaders in the industry on more environmentally-conscious practices and making sure brands have an incentive to make the positive change towards sustainability.  

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